Research Proposal

  1. Problem and Background: Right now, Karyn is unsure of who her target market is and what they would value in a product. We have decided to focus on the working mother target market. Our current step right now is to determine which organizational aspects are important to working mothers. Would this product fit their needs and definition of organization, or would it simply be a hassle?
  2. Decision Involved: For working mothers, to what extent is organizational efficiency valued, and which organizational variables are most important? Ex. Aesthetics, efficiency, etc.
  3. Method and Design: We will be using several different methods to contact our target market and discover their preferences to answer our decision problem. Originally, we will start by designing a survey to discover the market’s thoughts on organization and discover what their needs might be. This survey will be administered online, and distributed to a very select market. There will be screening questions involved to determine which candidate’s answers are the most valuable to our research. After collecting data and analyzing it from our target market, we will know which candidates can offer us the most help. At this point in time, we will determine which research questions still need to be answered and any new data that we will discover to be necessary to this project. We will conduct interviews with certain candidates and discover each of the different elements that they value in organization. Having these personal interviews will help us delve deep into people’s mindsets and discover exactly how they feel. The market we will originally target is working moms between the age of 35-54. These moms will all have jobs and families to balance their time. As the female head of household, they will be in charge of most of the household duties and thus most interested in a project like this.
  4. Criteria for Interpretation: Any trends that we find are common among surveys that we receive (70% of test subjects express same answer) will be incorporated into second form of research, interview with target candidates.
  5. Estimated Project Expense: +/- $200, $1,600. $20 an hour for field time - 9 hours of meeting and 6 hours of survey/ interview work. Multiply by 4 people working on project. $15 an hour for individual research time - 10 hours of individual research, multiply by 4 people doing individual research.
  6. Individual who must finally approve recommended action: Seth Werner/Karyn Diehl
  7. Report to be delivered by: May 3rd